Congratulations to the Inkspot team in Newcastle, UK. Their collaboration with Red Hat raises a good question – what requirements in academic research are driving capabilities in cloud computing?
Some disciplines (bio-computing, neuroscience, drug discovery, etc) need short burst access to massive computing resources. Changes in funding around the world are driving increased online, secure collaboration between universities and companies. These academic and scientific needs have profound implications for the commerical world. Watch this space !

Best wishes to the Sprout team !

Education; self-help online training; faith-based technology infrastructure; clean energy research platforms; collaborative healthcare; fashion; university research; behavioral economics, and much more…

Cool new London-based startup viewsy. Nice idea, elegantly done.

Collabrx in Palo Alto are doing great things. While drug companies thrash in ever-decreasing circles, and jealously guard information that might be better shared more widely, Collabrx is trying to open up access to doctors, patients and researchers that might lead to breakthroughs in therapy development. Take a look.

Capital-light and capital-intensive.

Capital-light is interesting and typically software and services driven – optimization of power consumption, architectures for utility billing, consulting plays, etc. I can play here.

Capital-intensive is beyond my personal reach. Physical plant and equipment for wave, solar, wind and bio needs multiple millions. Lower risk in many ways but larger capital requirements.

This sounds obvious but many people do not see the difference.

Nice article in TechCrunch today, reminding me of a good friend who says if  a startup’s ideas are not crazy, its probably not worth doing.

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