Here is a partial list of the companies we have helped to create, grow and re-start.

Wishing Link – a Social Web service organizes social network events to celebrate and support someone in your life.

Telemetria Telephony, Inc. – Telemetria develops state-of-the-art in-vehicle computer products that feature communication, broadband connectivity, infotainment, and multimedia applications.

Inkspot Science – Inkspot hosts scientific software as services to support research, collaboration and commercialisation by scientists active in any area of science, in any part of the world.

Collabrx – CollabRx enables scientists to work collaboratively on behalf of patients and their doctors who urgently seek cures for their diseases.

Satori Labs – Satori Labs is a leader in mobile, digital pen and paper-based mobile forms automation solutions for healthcare.

Sprout – Sprout Builder is a web-hosted, visual authoring solution that allows creative professionals to quickly and easily create branded, rich-media content and widgets.

ProWebSurfer – ProWebSurfer, Inc. is a California-based initiative set up by experienced Internet people to innovate in the new media and online advertising sector.

TrendMojo – TrendMojo is an analytical technology and service to track customer sentiment in the online world.

Bonsai Development Corporation – BDC is a California-based software company, setup to develop and deploy a new generation of Information Networks in Trade Finance and Distributed Data Collection.

Moxsie – Moxsie’s mission is to help consumers discover and buy the best independent designer clothing, jewelry and shoes in the world.

School Loop –  We save teachers time so they can do what they do best: Teach.

TenMarks – TenMarks aims to change the way students learn.

Divvio – Divvio has pioneered a rich-media content discovery, distribution & delivery platform that moves personalization to the center stage of multimedia search.

MedStory. A medical search technology company, acquired by Microsoft, 2007.

Webify Solutions. A SOA application framework company, acquired by IBM, 2006.

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